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I offer a range of psychological assessment services for children and adolescents. The aim of an assessment is to collect and make sense of a wide range of information about your child in order to provide valuable insight, support and recommendations for a range of concerns.   

Intellectual and emotional assessments (psycho-educational assessments)

This assessment evaluates your child’s cognitive and emotional functioning. This assists in determining your child’s strengths as well as your child’s areas of difficulties.

School Readiness Assessments

This assessment evaluates your child’s level of development to determine whether they are ready to meet the educational, social and emotional demands of formal schooling.

What happens in the assessment process?

All assessments include an interview with the parents, the administration of appropriate assessment measures with your child, and a feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations. A written report will be provided.   

Assessments are useful in understanding and assisting with:

attention and concentration difficulties (ADHD)
circle design academic difficulties
circle design decreased school performance and not coping at school
circle design repeated failing of grades
circle design behavioural and emotional difficulties relating to school, including school refusal, bunking, fighting with peers and poor motivation
circle design determining whether an emotional difficulty is affecting your child’s school performance
circle design establishing current intellectual and emotional functioning
circle design establishing a child’s strengths and weaknesses