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Adult Individual therapy

Therapy is a space to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and to share and make sense of experiences which may be causing you emotional distress. You may wish to come see me just for a few sessions so that you can talk to a person who is neutral and non-judgmental in order to resolve a current difficulty. Or you may be looking for more indepth psychological change. Longer term psychotherapy can help you to better understand your thoughts and emotions which can assist you in relating differently to yourself and others.

I offer both short and long-term psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy to adults who may be experiencing various concerns.

My theoretical orientation: Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a therapeutic way of working that not only focuses on alleviating the symptoms of difficulties, but also on the causes behind these symptoms. It assists you in understanding how your past experiences have contributed to, and continues to affect, your current difficulties. Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps you gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings so you can respond more thoughtfully and enjoyably in your present situation. This process of self-growth and better understanding is carried out within the safe, supportive and confidential relationship with me, your therapist.

What happens in therapy?

Through weekly therapy sessions of 50 minutes in length you will be invited to talk about whatever thoughts, feelings and happenings that you wish to. Through these conversational type sessions in a safe, private and confidential therapeutic room with me you will be helped to gain insight into the unconscious motivations of your behaviour. This greater insight can lead you to think and behave differently. This is a unique experience for each person and thus the way I work with each client is tailored slightly differently to meet your needs.

Couple therapy

You may be a couple that wants to start couple therapy with a view to improving or changing aspects of your relationship. This can be achieved by addressing patterns between you and your partner that may be causing one or both of you distress. Therapy aims to provide a safe, neutral space to explore and reflect on your relationship including the communication between the two of you. Therapy aims to help each of you gain greater insight into what is going on in your relationship, why certain patterns keep repeating themselves, where the strengths and areas for growth are in the relationship and how to handle tensions more appropriately when they arise.

Couples often find it easier to speak to each other, to understand their relationship, themselves, and each other in the presence of a therapist. I offer a third, non-judgmental point of view to help you see your relationship differently.

Couple therapy can assist with:

different, more effective ways to communicate
circle design
managing conflict in the relationship
circle design
dealing with extra marital/relational affairs
circle design
child rearing issues
circle design
dealing with extended family members
circle design
negotiation of life transitions such as childbirth or retirement
circle design
exploring and understanding the individual within the couple
circle design
developing greater insight into the relationship
circle design
deepening the relationship
circle design
assisting partners who wish to separate amicably